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About Me

Hi, I'm Meg Matty. I'm a Full Stack Javascript Developer.

I had been working as a clinical psychologist for several years until I took a job in our organization's IT department, consulting on technology project development. During that time I developed a strong interest in web and software development, and so over the last two years I've dedicated myself to learning to code. I'm naturally curious and driven to learn, but probably my greatest strength is my resourcefulness - the ability to find information and adapt to meet the challenges of a problem. I have a strong work ethic and experience working with both onsite and remote teams. My personal motto is: "If I don't know it, I can learn it."

When I'm not working or learning, you can find me running outdoors or playing video games on my PC. The day I can do both of these at the same time will be a great day.

Skills and Training

I've trained primarily in two programs. Most recently, I graduated from Thinkful's Flexible Full Stack Bootcamp, a 6-month immersive program that teaches the MERN stack, working closely with a mentor developer, and culminates in three capstone app projects. I also completed Treehouse's Front End Developer Techdegree, a 6 to 9-month intensive online program that required 12 front-end projects and a proctored final exam. I have training and skills in HTML, CSS & Sass, Javascript & jQuery, MongoDB, Express, React & Redux, Jade/Pug, Node, and development tools like Git. In addition, I have knowledge of project management, user behavior, and am a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM).

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You can see these skills put to use in my work, and download my full resume.

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About This Website

I designed and built this website mobile-first, using HTML5, Sass and CSS3, and Javascript/jQuery. The scripts were custom written, except for the image pre-loader, which is performed by jQuery Preload. The fonts are provided by Google Fonts, the images by Death to the Stock Photo and Stocksnap, and the icons by Freepik.